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If you're experiencing trouble due to an injury during your trip, please visit our clinic. We'll suggest the best treatment to ensure you can continue your enjoyable journey.
If possible, Please call the phone number before your visit, or ask the front desk of your hotel to contact us on your behalf during weekdays between 8:30 and 18:00. We offer same-day appointments within three available time slots, minimizing waiting time. Alternatively, please visit our clinic during office hours.

Why Come to See Us at
Awa-Ortopedics-Medical Clinic ?


We are specialist
for injury and trauma

Our doctors have gained experience in Japanese emergency hospitals, and all physicians on staff are certified orthopedic specialists recognized by the Japan Orthopedic Association. We are capable of treating various injuries sustained during travel, such as sprains, bruises, injuries, and wounds. Please don't hesitate to consult us if you encounter any difficulties during your trip, as we strive to ensure your travels are not disrupted.



We conduct examinations
using medical equipment.

Our doctors have a wide range of diagnostic capabilities for trauma, ensuring that serious injuries such as fractures and ligament damage are not overlooked through the use of X-rays and ultrasound diagnostic devices. We provide accurate diagnoses, propose optimal treatments, and ensure you can continue your comfortable journey in Japan. Additionally, we will prepare a medical summary report to facilitate continued treatment seamlessly upon your return to your home country.



The doctors are
able to speak English

The director is capable of speaking English. Additionally, for those whose native language is other than English, we have translation devices prepared at our clinic. Therefore, please rest assured that language barriers will not be a problem, and we can propose appropriate treatments with ease. Please feel free to visit us.



Please rest assured
about the payment as well.

At our clinic, you can pay with Japanese yen as well as use credit cards including Visa, Mastercard, and Amex. Additionally, we can provide English medical certificates for submission to insurance companies, and issue receipts upon request.


Facility of Our Clinic